Billing Services

This first class service has been designed to save you time and reduce your staffing costs (no recruitment cost, no holiday pay, pension, statutory sick pay and others) while delivering accuracy and efficiency. We aim to provide on a regular basis reports of all your customers and suppliers generated from our database.

By monitoring payments received from your different customers, our team (made up of fluent French, English and German speaking advisors) will be able to point out those debts which need to be recovered as well as assisting you in intensifying the recovery efforts; In addition, on demand we could also produce reports such as what has been sold and when, which clients have purchased what the most during the week or month.

By monitoring your purchases, we intend to assist you in issuing purchase orders and managing your stock. We will also produce reports advising which suppliers need to be paid and when, as well as how much has been spent on what items throughout the period and more importantly, profitability reports; if possible saving you money.

It will be relevant to highlight that most of our reports will be tailored to your individual needs and can be produced on a set period each month or on demand. We intend to collect and return all paperwork on a daily basis by courier, ensuring a fast turnaround of work. We have the availability to work on site if required.

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