Customs & Transit Solutions

Michael & Co Customs & Transit specializes in customs clearance.
Located in Douala-Cameroon in the heart of the CEMAC economic area (Central Africa States as Gabon, Congo, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad and Equatorial Guinea); for years, we have expanded our areas of customs clearance.

Our diverse, dynamic and competent team will answer all your requests for clearance on these geographic areas in which we can intervene.

Versatile and independent (we do not depend on any group or transportation company), for our customers we will provide services such as:

  • customs declarations for import and export (customs import- export)
  • DEB ( Exchanges of Goods Declaration )
  • Community Transits T1 - T2
  • Company audits
  • The establishment of the document as EUR1 and ATR ( with documents ranging export customs )

Our job is to clear customs.
Our goals are to satisfy and deliver quality service to our customers. (Contact our agents in Cameroon for more information)

Our strengths are flexibility, availability, motivation, sense of commitment, responsiveness and in-depth knowledge of customs regulations.