My Aupair World

What are my obligations as an au pair?

During your stay, you agree to:
• Pay for tuition for your language classes (around 6 to10 hours per week).
• Work about 30 to 45 hours per week (varies by country),
• Take care of children (aged 2 to 12 years) with their activities in the home: meals, naps, baths, games, etc.,
• Bring the children to school, extracurricular activities, recreation, etc.,
• Provide at maximum two nights of babysitting per week,
• Assist your family in the day to day organization and light housework (ironing, laundry, dishes...),
• Pay for your own travel to and from train station or airport nearest your home (except USA).

What are the obligations of my host family?

In return, your host family will:
• Provide you with a private bedroom and bath (if the private bath is not available, you will share it with the children),
• Provide full board,
• Give you between 70 and 140 euros of "pocket money" per week depending on the country

The family may decide to give you additional benefits, like a vehicle at your disposition.

To enable you to study and visit your host country, your host family is required to give you:
• One to two days off per week, preferably the weekend,
• At minimum, one Sunday per month for worship,
• Sufficient time off for your language classes and personal interests,
• One week of paid vacation after six months of living/working in the family.

What times during the year are the placements?

Our Au Pair Team do accept applications at any time throughout the year; however because most families do look for au pairs for the school year (from September to June), we advise candidates to submit their application between April and June.

In some case, families also look for au pairs who can start in January and stay until summer, or even longer. For this period, send your application between October and December.

Given the large number of applicants and demands that we receive for these placements, we ask you to be patient, flexible and immediately available.

The placement delay can be shortened by:

• your availability,
• the attention to detail you take in your application,
• the duration of your stay,
• Your experience with children.

If the experience living in my family does not go well, do I have to stay?

If you encounter any major difficulties with your host family, you can, as a last resort, terminate your contract with notice. However, before that time, we help you to analyse the situation and restore positive relations.

What is the procedure for participating in the au pair program?

You can download our application from online, under the heading Application Form.
As soon as we receive your file, we verify your application, your expectations and your profile, and send it to our foreign partners.
Host families will then contact you. Upon mutual agreement of both parties, we help you complete the paperwork for completing a placement.